What is CircumQ?

CircumQ, the company, invents, develops, manufactures and commercialises devices and products intended to improve the lives and welfare of communities, both local and international.

CircumQ purpose was to create a circumcision device/surgical aid intended for medical male circumcision (MMC) procedures in resource-limited settings

Unlike many devices in the market, it is not left in situ, but removed immediately after the procedure, thus eliminating the need for the patient to wear it on him for days and return for its removal.

The results so far

In accordance with the prescribes of the WHO prequalification processes, CircumQ have completed the following with assistance of  the understated entities:

Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention Studies (CHAPS)

  • 50 circumcisions – manufacturers trials (12% AEs)
  • Phase 1 – 100 circumcisions – comparative study against forceps guided procedure (2% AEs CircumQ and 4% AEs forceps guided)

Tshepong Medical Services (Pty) Limited (Dr Lerumo)

  • Phase 2 – 500 circumcisions – non-comparative study (1% AEs)

Approvals obtained from the following

  • WITS Human Research Ethics Committee (Medical)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Ethics Committee – University of Pretoria