Safe Circumcision without Casualties
  • No injury to glans/urethra (protected)
  • Bloodless – no haemorrhage
  • No amputations
  • No deaths
  • No necrosis – no odour

CircumQ is a tool that mitigates against identified circumcision risks managing casualties with the established, tried and tested surgical circumcision procedure (for example, forceps guided method)


  • Makes the male circumcision procedure safer, easier and quicker than current methods;
  • Facilitates rapid healing and/or entails less risk of HIV transmission in the immediate post-operative period;
  • May be used safely by health-care providers with a shorter period of training (mid-level providers)
  • More cost effective for male circumcision scale-up than standard surgical methods.


Apart from being the very first home-grown circumcision instrument in South Africa, CircumQ ensures a bloodless circumcision whilst totally protecting the glans and urethra from the usual circumcision injuries.

It locks automatically ensuring compulsory single use protecting against sexually transmitted infections

No part of the foreskin is left ensuring that necrosis is not part of the process with the use of the CircumQ.


Milestones and Capability

CircumQ Proven capability

CircumQ has proven the value and effectiveness of its product through studies undertaken within South Africa with approvals obtained from the Ethics committees in terms of statutes and regulations of the country.

Recent Milestones

  1. Studies in country of origin fully undertaken proving the device effective and safe to use
  2. Negotiations with neighbouring country at advanced stage for further studies to facilitate approach to the WHO for prequalification.
  3. The device is manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the ISO standards. Quality manual for manufacturing has been documented guided by the ISO13485:2003 and the recently revised ISO13485:2016. The manufacturing factory is also ISO9001 certified.
  4. The device is protected through an international patent.

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